"Book Your First Client"!

During this training you'll learn...

  • Exactly where your finances are coming and going.  Hint: the first step in getting out of your job is knowing how much money you need to make.
  • Complete clarity on who you're meant to serve, how much you should be charging for your services, and how to get in-front of your ideal client.
  • How to speak directly to your ideal client that has them wanting more and buying ALL your programs!
  • How to leverage social media in a way that feels good to you - helping you book your first client!

This Training Is Valued at Over $250


for $47 !

Here's whats included...

-"all about money" section to help you reach your financial goals

  • A Video Training to guide you Step-by-Step to reaching your financial goals in your business.  Whether that means doubling your income, hitting 5K or 10K months, this video has got you covered!
  • Implement what you've learned in your own spreadsheet to start planning how to bring in the big bucks FAST in your biz!

  • Remove money blocks for good so money flows easily to you!  *This workbook helped me from charging $2K packages to a group program that sold out at $95K within just 6 months of starting my biz!

-an "ALL About strategy" section to help you market to your ideal client

  • A proven step-by-step guide to get clear on the life you want to live and exactly how to get there!
  • Complete clarity on how to speak directly to your ideal client that has them buying all your programs
  • How to organically land clients by using social media... getting you out of your job in no time!