Four Months to FreedomWith Linda Bello



Four Months to FreedomWith Linda Bello


Four Months to Freedom

For FIERce entrepreneurs who crave more
freedom and income doing the work they love

It's pretty much always been clear - you're a born entrepreneur.  You're obsessed with the lifestyle because you get to decide when you work and use your creativity to impact the world. You've gotten your feet wet in the entrepreneurial space but your putting in a lot more time and energy into it than you thought and let's be honest - your work isn't 100% lighting you up.


Hey, I'm Linda

Im a freedom-obsessed online entrepreneur that helps entrepreneurs create massive success in the online space.

I see your potential and know that you can be making much more income and impact with the work you do... and could be freeing up A TON of you time.

I always dreamed about the day my business would work FOR me but found myself putting in hours of work (on top of my 9-5) making as little as 7 dollars an hour. 

This is not how I imagined entrepreneurship to be.  I pictured impacting hundreds (actually thousands), using my creativity, working with the BEST clients, freeing up my time (not adding to it), and making a shit ton of money (if I'm being honest).  

Then something changed...

I went from non stop hustle (and questioning whyyyyyy I wasn't where I want to be in business) to my first 22K month in a  year (which helped me bring my working hours to 10 hours a week).  

if you're here - you're probably ready to see some serious success in your business and experience True freedom too.

You CRAVE more freedom in your personal life and the income to do what you want whenever you want

if so - i got you - this is exactly why i created four months to freedom

Because I believe (actually I know) that in a matter of FOUR months you can be set free and totally in love with your business

Let me show you in"Four Months to Freedom"

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I believe that in order to create a successful business you must be in love with every aspect of it

So my superpower is making sure you LOVE what you do as as an entrepreneur.

-Meaning the work you do totally lights you up (you stop convincing yourself that your business is going to finally work and step into total alignment.  Alignment = an unbelievably successful business)
-You LOVE the lifestyle it allows you to live (15 hour work weeks puhleassse right?!),
-You LOVE the impact it's making in people's lives (your inbox is flooded with "you changed my life" emails),
-And you LOVEEE looking at your bank account! (10K CASH months will be your thing)

this is what being in LOVE is - and the cool thing is once you experience this, business feels fun, making money doesn't seem so hard, and you finally feel like the vision you always had for your life is finally coming to life.

I spent way too many years out of love as an entrepreneur and with all that experience I can pretty much point out right away if you're on the right path or if you're hiding your unique self that the world needs to see. (HINT: This is the first step to creating massive momentum in your online business)

So are you ready to fall in love with your incredibly successful online business?


  • Freedom has always been non-negotiable in your life. You’re not interested in working for someone else any longer or ever again.  You know that 10 hour work weeks are possible and right around the corner for you.  You know that it won’t be easy to get here but are willing to make sacrifices now to live like this for the rest of your life.
  • You’re all about quality of life first and a business that supports it.
  • You believe that you’re more than capable of doubling or tripling your income THIS YEAR just with the income from your business
  • You’re ready to be OBSESSED with your online business (meaning you don’t ever question if this is the work you’re made to be doing because you learn how to trust your gut and intuition).  You’re excited to create programs and courses that you believe are GOLD. You’re a fast action taker and a self learner
  • The idea of passively generating income while impacting HUNDREDS is exciting to you. You want your business to run in the background while you’re out with friends in family (picture getting payment notifications while out hiking with your best girlfriends)
  • You understand that starting a business takes RISK but the risks far outweigh the regret of not going for it - even tho the investment is scary.  Your mentality is that you expect to make your investment back and then some over and over again with ease.  You ALSO understand that JUST because you invest in yourself and your business doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to get results but you will because look at you - you’re awesome.
  • You also may question if this is all “too good to be true” (because trust me - I did too) and want to get on the phone with someone (me) who has made this happen in their life


Our Calls

-One 90 minute starter session call to review your non-negotiable goals while working together
-11 (40 min) calls with me - 3 calls a month
-accountability and action to get your business up fast to double your income!  (I'll even throw in some weekly challenges to push you outside your comfort zone so you get results fast!)

Email Support

-If you're feeling stuck in-between our calls, you'll have unlimited access to my email throughout the 4 Month program
-get a response from me within minutes via Voxer (a "walkie-talkie" app)


Three Hour Intensive

-To be used at any point during our mentorship to dive deep into a business model that supports your success!


Do what?!!?!  Ohhhh how do we help you experience TRUE freedom in your life and in your business in a matter of four months working together?  We start here...!

My mission for you:  Focus on the love and then go from there.

Month One


-We get CRYSTAL CLEAR and OBSESSED with the work you're made to be doing and how it supports your desired lifestyle.  
-We start designing your unique and badass program or course that is meant to serve hundreds to thousands of people across the globe.  You're going to "LOVE" it!
-We identify EXACTLY how this business is going to support your freedom and how much income you'll need to be bringing in (ummm say hello to 10K plus months)
-Fall in LOVE with your new mindset that "yes business can actually be this easy"

Month Two

 ❤️ "IN LOVE" ❤️

-Your amazing program / course is finalized and you're officially IN LOVE
-Now it's time to pair your program with a brand that does all the selling for you
(clients find you and are as obsessed with your brand as you are)
-BONUS!!! Get access to my team!!  They'll help you identify your unique brand and even create your very first beautifully branded workbook
(like this!)
P.S.  You'll get this workbook as soon as we start working together


ALSO we'll go into:
-Selling to your dream clients with total confidence because you know your program/course is LIFE CHANGING. 
(PLUS my tricks for overcoming objections)
-Learn the systems, structures and contracts you need to have in place as you continue booking clients
-Create a website you're obsessed about that your dream clients will LOVE

Month Three


-I also believe it's so important to be IN LOVE with the way you market your program.  We'll find what marketing strategy works specifically for your business so you can get your program/course out in the world (in a way that feels fun!)
We'll also cover:
-Tips on what to post that doesn't leave you feeling "salesy"
-What to do when you don't have testimonials yet
-How to design a free offer that builds your community, has them reading your newsletter, AND buying your stuff

Month Four

"Automate your love"

Introduce your program to the MASSES and start generated thousands of dollars in PASSIVE INCOME on automate!
-Grab the attention of your ideal clients with your Facebook Ads (HINT: This is how you reach a HUGE audience on autopilot which in turn helps you create INCOME on autopilot)
-When and what to include in your newsletters and email marketing
-List Building techniques
-Create a plan to set yourself up for success even after we aren't working together
-Design a road map that will keep you on track for the months to come
-Never worry about selling out your programs again

Client LOVE!

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 9.36.11 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 9.37.36 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 9.37.50 AM.png
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So, how do we get started?

Just book a call HERE!

Your Investment


*payment plans available on request

OR! Ready to create massive results in TWO months instead of four?

Then "Two months to Freedom" may be a better fit

Your Investment


Something you should know about me.


  1. I'm passionate about what I do.  I think because I struggled so long with finding my passion and purpose, that's why I'm so passionate about helping you!  I'm all about creating freedom in your life so you don't have to miss out on all the adventures life has to offer.
  2. I want to see you succeed.  Nothing gets me more happy than having a client e-mail me that they have left their 9-5 or booked a client themselves.  I believe we are ALL made to do big things, it just takes a little discomfort to get you to step into the woman you were made to be.  This means I'll be challenging you to do things outside of your comfort zone (but I know you're up for the challenge)
  3. I'm not afraid to call you out on your bullshit when needed.  I'm from NY, don't let the pictures fool you ;).  I help you get out of your head when you're feeling stuck and give you the push needed to take consistent action within your business.  I know you're a go-getter already but this push will help you 10X your potential.

Your Investment


*payment plans available on request

OR! Ready to create massive results in TWO months instead of four?

Then "Two months to Freedom" may be a better fit

Your Investment



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