Why I did the WHOLE30 at 8 months pregnant

…Well it was really the WHOLE20 because it lasted 20 days

I got so so many questions about why I did it and if it was hard and what it was like so I thought i’d give you the low down of my 20 days


So first! Why?!

You’re probably wondering why in the world would I start the Whole30 at 8 months pregnant, right?

Well first of all let me make it clear that this was something I reallllyyyy realllyyyy realllllyyyyyy wanted to do. I was 8 months pregnant, feeling huge, experiencing “pregnancy brain” x10, eating chocolate every night, tired, SWOLLEN, and eating home cooked meals from my Mom that are DELICIOUS but also drenched in all the butter and oil.

I was ready to stop making excuses for eating extra because I was pregnant, have a clear mind, remove my mood swings, and honestly lose some weight (I know I’m pregnant and you’re not supposed to loose weight but I also know my body and knew that if I wasn’t pregnant I would be bigger than my norm).

Whole30 made sense to me because the concept is to remove inflammation which I knew would help me with my brain fog, digestive issues (aka constipation), and lack of energy and so it began

The number one question I was asked while on the WHOLE30 was…

“Was it hard?”

And to that I answered, “No”. Seriously though. It was not hard. You may be thinking “but you ended 10 days early” - I’ll get into why I did that soon. BUT! know this! This is coming from someone who was literally eating all the chocolate every. single. night. it really wasn’t that hard. I think the reason why it wasn’t hard was because I REALLY wanted to do it. I didn’t do it because it sounded good for a day. I thought about doing it for a month prior, mentally prepared myself, and was ready. So if you’re thinking of doing it because it sounds good - chances are you won’t follow through. Just sayin.

Were there days when it was hard? Hell yes. Like in the beginning where I felt super weak and knew a piece of bread would help spike up my energy again. Or every night when I’d get cravings for chocolate butttttt it’s JUST a craving - it passes in like 5 minutes. I also made sure that I didn’t have any temptations and hid all the forbidden food (like bread, chips, cereal, etc) in a cabinet I never went into this way I wouldn’t be tempted.

I should also mention that it may have been easier for me because I don’t work, had plenty of time to prepare and cook my meals, told everyone I was doing it so they didn’t ask me to go out and eat, and had someone living with me tag along #accountabilityrules.

One thing that helped me keep going was seeing my progress. The program specifically outlines that you’re NOT supposed to weigh yourself until the very end but I actually weighed myself every day. #gottadowhatworksforyou. And so at the end of the first week I lost 6 pounds, WHILE PREGNANT, so that was motivation to keep going.

My results…

Just gunna get to what you want to know, right? Was it worth it? What type of results did you experience?

I decided to end the 30 days 10 days early because I experienced ALL the results I was looking to gain well before my 30 days were up. I also wanted to spend the last few weeks of my pregnancy not feeling so restricted (aka : eating a donut like ONCE a week) and thought - well if I feel good, let me slowly introduce the foods I was eating back into my diet - just not go overboard this time.

So here’s what I experienced at the end of my 20 days:

  • Weight loss (more like puffiness lost): Over the 20 days I lost 9lbs. I saw this result almost immediately. My face lost it’s puffiness and not only that I was NO LONGER SWOLLEN! With my first pregnancy I was SO SWOLLEN that I couldn’t even shower because it hurt my feet. I had to wear compression socks every night, I couldn’t stand for more than 15 minutes, I demanded foot massages from my husband every night, I had to take off my wedding rings, and it got worse after delivering my daughter. I thought this was something that just happened to me as a pregnant person - but after the program I put my wedding ring back on!! You can see the difference below from my two pregnancies. I didn’t take a before photo before the Whole30 so I referred back to my pregnancy with Charli Grace.


This was two months before my due date with Charli. My face / nose was super swollen (kind of hard to see).


This was 3 weeks before my due date with baby #2 after completing the whole30. Face looks so much thinner at this point in my pregnancy than last.

  • A clear mind: My pregnancy brain was practically gone (but you best know I still used it as an excuse). Another big reason I started the whole30 at 8 months pregnant was because my brain fog was unreal and it was hard to think. I noticed I became more organized and could actually remember a thing or two that I was supposed to ;)

  • Energy: It wasn’t a crazy spike in energy, but I definitely became more motivated. Not sure if I was in my nesting phase or it was a result of eating clean but I started making big plans for the next 6 months for when baby would be here. More on that in another post ;)

  • Organization: To be honest I’ve never been the cooking type. I know HOW to cook - I just prefer not to so a lot of the times I just eat left overs from what my husband has made or now my mom. The whole30 showed me with a little planning each week cooking actually didn’t take as long as I imagined. Now the first week of the program I thought “holy poop - all I do is COOK. How is there time to take care of family, business, making sure you keep up with all your friends, and all the other life demands, AND get in a healthy meal for each meal?!?!” I was like - there is no way. But I found that leftovers are awesome, even for breakfast and the chopping becomes easier and the planning / grocery store shopping becomes easier too. The key is you HAVE to plan or else you will be going into the forbidden cabinet with all the goods to keep you going throughout your day. This was HUGE for me especially as my family is now growing to a family of 4.

And that’s really it! Would I recommend this to my fellow pregnant ladies? Yes and I’ll probably do it again for my third pregnancy BUT I’d also recommend that you only do this iffffff you have a strong reason to why you’re doing it. The removal of my swollen hands, feet, and face plus my digestion and lack of brain fog made it worth it for me.

I’m also really interested to see how this will affect my postpartum hormones. I had the baby blues with my first and it took a while to feel like myself again. I’m planning on going the full 30 days postpartum and will report back with all the goods! If you have any more questions I didn’t address feel free to send over a message

Linda Bello Bergmann

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