Are you ready to:

fall in love with what you do?
Make Some serious cash?
stop sacrificing your freedom?

If so... I have got you covered!

How would it feel to....

  • Take a vacation JUST BECAUSE
  • Get SUPER CLEAR on your desires and make them your reality already
  • TRUST your intuition, BELIEVE in yourself, and make QUICK decisions without ever questioning yourself
  • LEAVE your 9-5 within MONTHS
  • Stop making excuses for your success
  • Stop missing out on life and adventure
  • Work from literally wherever you want
  • Have customers waiting to work with you as you book your programs

You're so ready to start living a life that you don't complain about anymore

You're over just getting by, the debt, the long office hours, the worry...  you're READY to start making a serious impact in your life and the lives of others while making some serious cash.

The only problem... you have no idea how to make it your reality.

My Self Study + Intensive Course is the perfect program to help you make your dream life a reality if you're ready for FAST results and are on a budget!

At the start of my entrepreneurial journey, I had no idea where to even begin.  I knew what I wanted my life to look like, but I didn't think it was possible to achieve it all.  

How about you? You know deep down that you're a blast to be around and deserve a life that only lights you up and a life that allows you to be free - you just aren’t sure how to get started?

We'll I'm here to tell you... that life you always envisioned for yourself - it's right about the corner.  Let me show you how.

This is for you if...

  • You dream BIG and want to make those dreams your reality
  •  You're ready to travel whenever you please

  •  You sit at work filling your hours with nonsense waiting for the clock to strike 5

  •  You're ready to make a difference

  •  You have a business idea but you don't know how to get it started

  • OR you have too many ideas for your business and want to get lazer focused on what lights you up

  •  You cannot wait for success any longer

  • You dread Sunday nights because you know its back to unfulfilling work for another five days

  • You know deep down you were made for so much more

  • You're ready to tap back into your creative side and use your talents to CHANGE the world!

So how can I help?

Not long ago I was in your shoes.  I did everything I was supposed to do to get ahead in life but man I wanted so much more.

I felt silly (and slightly bitchy) for complaining about why I wasn't further ahead in life - people looked at me like I was crazy.  I had a job that paid the bills, paid time off, an amazing man and little dog to come home to.  I received three promotions within the year and half I was in my job but none of those promotions gave me a sense of fulfillment.

I Started to think there was something wrong with me, why couldn't I be happy with what I had?

How about you?  Do you feel like everything looks perfect on the outside but you know in the inside you were made for so much more?  And do you feel like the longer you try to avoid it the more time these feelings come back to you?

i knew I had to make a change.  

I wanted to use my creativity that my 9-5 robbed me of.  I wanted to have flexibility and freedom in my life. I wanted more time for fun and adventure.

Now I help other women do the same.  

You deserve to wake up in the morning feeling completely fulfilled.  You deserve freedom, fulfillment, happiness, and success.  You not only deserve this, but you're friggin meant for it.

What's Included?

2 Hour Intensive

-accountability and action to get your business up and running fast!

Eight Modules

-access to my Google Drive with workbook trainings, audios and video tutorials

What can we cover in the intensive?


  • Create space in your life for what's important (like family, friends and travel!) knowing that money is consistently coming in each month
  • Learn my exact strategies on how I hit 4K in my first month of sales
  • Learn how to book 3-10 discovery calls a week


  • Never question if you're on the right path in life and in business
  • Become SUPER clear on your offerings that attract your ideal clients to you (no more searching for clients!)


Module One


  • Become confident in your life's path
  • Find your unique combination of talents that sets you apart and has your clients waiting to work with you
  • Get clear on want you really want and develop an unstoppable mindset to achieve it

Module Two

Your Success Mindset

  • No longer "wait" to be happy
  • start designing your dream life NOW
  • Simplify and prevent burnout
  • Learn to embrace your schedule with the best time managements tricks

Module Three

Your Dream Clients

  • Get excited on exactly who you want to serve
  • Discover specific phrases that makes them run towards their credit cards through market research
  • Understand why you'd like to serve these clients

Module Four

Design your Business

  • Begin developing your brand tailored to your ideal clients
  • Bring in the big bucks with something that's totally you!
  • Understand your worth and price your packages
  • Share  your amazing story to connect with your audience

Module Five

Your Brand!

  • Plan your first photography shoot! 
  • Design a mood board and brand that's totally you
  • Begin creating your dream website your dream clients will LOVE

Module Six

Market your Brand

  • Grab the attention of your ideal clients with your Facebook Ads
  • Design a free offer that builds your tribe, has them reading your newsletter, AND buying your stuff
  • Master Social Media in a way that still feels fun
  • BONUS:  Create a stream for passive income

Module Seven

Communicating with your list

  • When and what to include in your newsletters and email marketing
  • List Building techniques
  • How often you should be communicating with your list
  • Selling to your dream clients with total confidence

Module Eight

Management and growth

  • Celebrate your success!
  • Learn the systems, structures and contracts you need to have in place as your book your dream clients
  • Create a plan to set yourself up for success even after we aren't working together

So how does this work?

1. You will invest in the self study + intensive program

2. I will send you a personalized contract and welcome pack to get you started on the right path

3. You will get access to all modules and can start working towards them immediately!

4. When you are ready for the intensive I will send you a direct link to my calendar!

5. During our intensive I'm not afraid to go deep with you so we can identify exactly what we need to do to create your dream life.

Your Investment

(valued at $2500)

OR two payments of $600

6 2 Spots Available!

Why work with me?

  1. Because I know how it feels to be on both sides.  For years and years I thought about what I wanted to do with my life - I knew I wanted to create my own freedom, but I didn't feel like it was possible for me to achieve.  What I can tell you is that although I was hesitant to go for my dreams - the other side is much better and I want to help you get there too.
  2. I'm passionate about what I do.  Because I struggled so long with finding my passion and purpose, that's why I'm so passionate about helping you!  I'm all about creating freedom in your life so you don't have to miss out on all the adventures life has to offer.
  3. I want to see you succeed.  Nothing gets me more happy than having a client e-mail me that they have left their 9-5 or booked a client themselves.  I believe we are ALL made to do big things, it just takes a little discomfort to get you to step into the woman you were made to be.
  4. I'm not afraid to call you out on your bullshit when needed.  I'm from NY, don't let the pictures fool you ;).  I help you get out of your head when you're feeling stuck so the only path you'll be on is the one towards success.

Your Investment

(valued at $2500)

OR two payments of $600

6 2 Spots Available!

*This program will only be offered for the month of January


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