For Fierce online entrepreneurs obsessed with freedom and want to make unlimited income

"The Fiercely Free Mastermind" is designed for the go-getter online entrepreneur who
is ready for 8K+ months, craves more time for travel and pleasure, and wants the
peace of mind knowing its all going to happen.


I've gained a reputation for being the freedom girl

I'm not really interested in running a successful business if I'm consistently glued to social media and working 80 hours a week.  Actually I'm not even interested in working more than 30 hours a week.

And if you're here - I'm guessing the same applies to you.

The fast success of my business did come from being visible on social media - but I knew if I wanted to create long term success I needed to have my business work for me.

What exactly does that mean?

Basically creating streamlined income, passive income courses, hiring a team, and implementing the 70 hour work MONTH.

Once I made these exact changes in my business I've been able to bring in hundreds of dollars in income (literally while I sleep) and hit consistent 8K plus months while working half the time.  

How does that sound to you?



Then now you know the Fiercely Free Mastermind
is for you!


O U R M A S TE R M I N D C A L L S.jpg

Our Mastermind Calls

-2 90-minute group calls on the first and third week of the month with me to help you strategize working less and making more income!
-I'm not afraid to dig deep with you and ask you questions that may prevent you from creating the success you truly desire!



Voxer 1:1 Support

-A mastermind program that allows for 1:1 support at no extra cost... what!?!!?  Thats exactly what you get in the Fiercely Free Mastermind
-Need personalized support in-between our calls?  I'll be available by text and/or walkie-talkie with this app so you never have a question that gets un-answered




foundational Trainings

-Access to my FB ad's video training so you can start building your community on autopilot!
-The behind the scenes look at my exact sales funnel that brings in hundreds of dollars in passive income
-Additional workbooks and video trainings to help you get super clear on your clients pain points so you can start selling to them with ease!




-What's better than surrounding yourself with fellow freedom-lovers who are looking to create more income and freedom?  That's what this mastermind will allow you to do!
-The mastermind will be maxed at 10 people per month so there is always time to have your questions answered on our calls



private Facebook Community

-Surround yourself with go-getter entrepreneurs who will challenge you, sharpen your business skills, and push you to the next level!
-Ask for support from your sisters when you are celebrating or win or stuck on an idea!  These girls got you!




  • Become SUPER clear on your offerings that attract your ideal clients to you (no more searching for clients!)
  • Create programs that speak directly to your ideal client to bring in passive income streams.
  • Feel confident knowing the next steps you need to take in your business to get to the next level (aka - 10K plus months)



-Learn to build a stand out FB ad that gets amazing conversions as low as 82 cents!
-Build a sales funnel that will get clients buying your offerings on a DAILY basis
-Create an authentic message with confidence so your ideal client knows they have to work with you!
-Learn my exact strategies on how I hit 4K in my first month of sales
-Learn how to book 3-10 discovery calls a week
-Hire team members to support your growth





-Create space in your life for what's important (like family, friends and travel!) knowing that money is consistently coming in each month
-Design a schedule that makes you feel like the most successful entrepreneur out there
-Eliminate time thinking about your business when you're out enjoying your freedom!


You're just like my clients!


1. You will invest in The Freedom Mastermind

2. I will send you a personalized contract and welcome packet to get you started on the right path

3. You will gain access to the calls and private FB group

4. You'll start making a huge impact and passive income in NO time


$950 / month

(two month commitment required)

OR save $250


(with three month commitment)


$950 / month

(two month commitment required)

OR save $250


(with three month commitment)


I'D LOVE to answer them