I’m talking to you…

you’re not new in biz
You’re not interested in learning another strategy
You’re in LOVE with your biz


you feel like there’s opportunity for so much more “oomph”

Only problem is…
You can’t put your finger on what quite that really is

Let’s be honest…
You’re bored.

And you didn’t become an entrepreneur to be bored
To get caught up in the same old same old
And to compare yourself to others who’s live doesn’t even align with yours

Your legacy is so much bigger than that

And you’re ready to see it bigger - explode it bigger
And you probably want someone to come in and help you…


here’s how we make that happen :)

First of all... let me just say:



I’m an EXTReme Realist
Meaning i love depth, i love love, I love real human connection, and a moral connection to my work
(aka: the real shit)

If I’m not lit up on a soul level my work becomes boring very fast

So that’s why my biz philosophy focuses on:

33.33% Strategy
33.33% Mindset / Vision
33.33% Lifestyle and Relationships

I would rather my clients receive a 50% increase in their quality of life, happiness, and meaning than a 50% increase in their profits

(*Although the aim is to have it all)

Because I know it the LONG RUN - THAT’S what will make a TRUE difference and most of all - THAT’S what will leave your legacy  


Since I’m a realist I want to make sure this coaching relationship is tailored to your needs. Meaning I’m not going to create the perfect package and push it on you and rather make it customized for EXACTLY what you want and need.

So that means there’s no true structure but here’s how I like to start it out…


Biz and Life Assessment.jpg

The game plan

  • <— Starting with a biz and life assessment we check in on every 4 weeks.

  • Everyday accountability to aligning to your vision so that all your decisions in biz come from this energetic space
    (you’ll always know what actions to take and you’ll always feel the 🔥FIRE🔥 taking the action.)

  • Working backwards - after connecting to your big vision we’re going to work backwards and come up with THE ULTIMATE game plan
    (This could be a combination of growing your following by thousands, brainstorming passive income streams and other streams of income {my favorite}, and creating a deadline for goals you’d like to accomplish because they represent milestones to get closer to the BIG VISION)



  • Yes you want to see and feel yourself getting closer and closer to your big ass vision - butttt you want to do it in your way. So let’s put your unique creativity to use and then focus on what’s working so you continue to grow

  • We’ll focus on how to turn your title to “business owner” to “business operator” meaning you’ll no longer be behind the nuts and bolts of your biz so you can focus solely on your creativity.

  • Make sense of all your creative ideas instead of getting overwhelmed by how many ideas you have that you haven’t brought to life.

  • Learn how to fir business in-between you living life having full trust and faith that no matter what you always make a certain amount of money each month just because you’re you



  • The objective is to feel PULLED by your work - versus PUSHING to do your work. By this point you should be so ecstatic about how you’ve been running your biz and the lifestyle it allows you to live that you’ll just be hungry for more. But even though things are GREAT you also want to make sure you can SEE and FEEL the big picture coming to life. So! We’ll assess where you’re at, your priorities, and make sure we’re aligning to them each day so you’ll be empowered to go off on your own.


Truth bomb #1

**THIS IS NOT A MAKE 6 figures in 6 months mentorship**

The point of this mastermind is to gain insane clarity on how you can build wealth with your creativity that will serve you for a lifetime. This will be done in YOUR unique way with YOUR unique gifts. My goal is that you will always know where to look within when your business needs to re-vamp into something even more creative so you can stay in love with your business and what it provides you in the long run.


-With that in mind - you probably wont make your investment back - but you don’t care about (although by all means prove me wrong). You’re more interested in feeling like your long term vision is coming to life - you can see and feel it happening. You’re not about getting instant results the online world “promises” to deliver.

-This is SO MUCH MORE than a 5K/month or 6-figure business

-This is about creating a MEANINGFUL LIFE and BUSINESS


Truth bomb #2

**THIS may mean coming to terms that what you’re doing right now isn’t part of YOUR long term vision**

Meaning we may discover that “coaching” or whatever business you’re in isn’t 100% for you. Bits and pieces of it may be and that’s totally cool. I want you to see how you can blend ALL of YOU and your creativity into your long term vision


Since we’re all about getting real - I’ll be the first to tell you that coaching isn’t what I want to be known for. It’s PART of my vision - but it’s not my ENTIRE vision. MY long term vision always involves offering online courses ( because #duhhhh it’s the best way to make additional income and satisfies my love for helping and teaching) but overall I’m more of a business powerhouse machine.

I want physical products - I want to be involved in real estate - I want to do affiliate marketing - get involved with real estate and be able to teach it ALL - ANDDDDD I know exactly how all of these will come into play. That’s what I want for you - again - because I know you’re creative AF


Truth bomb #3

**i don’t want you to take immediate action on this mentorship**

Yupp - most coaches provide an incentive for people to work with them RIGHT NOW - but I want you to make the best decision for YOU! So that mean’s thinking about it.


Listen - I’m only interested in working with soul mate dream clients so if everyday you find yourself more and more energized around the idea of working together (regardless of the investment) than this is for you. Now! IF you find yourself making excuses on why you don’t “need” this and getting scared around investing in your legacy - this is not for you. So take some time - get energized - get pumped - because I promise you at the end of this mentorship you will actually KNOW what it feels like to be head over heels in love with your biz (and where it’s taking you)




NOVEMBER 29th and 30th! AHHH!!!

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The Overthinker's Cure

(Value: $122)

Full Time Coach

(Value: $2000)

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to live out your legacy


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