KENDRA FERGUSON, success coach

Her Story:

What inspired you to create your business?  


Before creating my own business, I spent the first few years of my career as a CPA and auditor truly loving what I was doing. I was working with clients I enjoyed, being promoted early, earning large bonuses, getting great opportunities to stretch myself, and was generally viewed as very successful for my age. Unfortunately, I hadn't yet built up the self-confidence to stand up for myself, so I was terrible at saying no and ended up doing almost everything anyone suggested because I was desperate to move up the corporate ladder and become even more successful.

After just five years of working in public accounting, it all caught up to me. I became seriously burned out and started to hate having to go to my job every day. Things got so bad I ended up leaving the large accounting firm I started my career at and moving over to a really small firm. 

Through that transition, I realized it wasn't the environment change that was going to make me happier. I had to learn to stick up for myself and get clear on what it was that I wanted out of my career, instead of letting others dictate what I should be doing to become successful. I started thinking about the things I enjoyed most about my job and being a performance coach for my team came to the top of the list. That's how I got this crazy idea to coach other young women working in corporate environments on how to take control and define their own career success. 

Her Business

What vision do you have for your work and it's impact in the world?

I so strongly believe that we aren't preparing many young women to be successful in the corporate world while they're in college. In college, you learn technical skills that will help you complete the tasks you're assigned in your corporate role. But we are seriously lacking in helping young women develop the soft skills (self-confidence, assertiveness, how to network, etc.) that really propel growth and success in the corporate world.

I believe that if young women can develop those soft skills earlier in their career, it will set them up for sustained career success. Corporate companies actually can be great places to work and we need young ladies to stay in their roles there! By learning the tools to speak up for themselves and design a career that works for them, young women can do just that!

So my goal is to empower young women by helping them develop those soft skills! I know my story can resonate with many young women, and if I can help them avoid some of the struggles I went through, I will be achieving my vision!

Going For It

What emotions did you experience starting your business and investing in your dreams?

Honestly, there was a lot of second-guessing.

Right after I agreed to invest with Linda, I was terrified that I had made a huge mistake. It was a big risk, especially from someone like me who has always been a rule-follower. But, less than four hours after I got off my first call with Linda, I got a completely unexpected large cash gift from one of my parents' vendors. I took that as a sign that I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. 

Since then, I've started noticing several other signs that have just reinforced my dream. Young women need me to speak truthfully about the environment in the corporate world! Anytime I begin to question my ability to achieve my vision, I just think about the young women that are out there struggling with what I went through. They keep me going!


What has your experience been like working with Linda?  What specific results and breakthroughs have you created?

In less than four months, I've taken a small idea (a dream really) and turned it in to my reality by working with Linda! I have a real business and a beautiful website. I am now speaking up about what it's really like to work in the corporate world and encouraging other young women to take on those challenges instead of shying away from them. I created a private Facebook group where I get to practice serving others, be an inspiration and also be inspired by the others. 

There were many times where I felt resistance.  My corporate background had reinforced some really strong feelings about rule-following, structure and seniority I had. Linda helped me bust through those mental blocks and step into my vision of being really honest about the corporate world. She kept pushing me to be as open about my opinions in public as I was in our private calls, and for me, that has been the one of the most important keys to my success in my business so far!

Would you recommend working with Linda to others?  If so - who do you think would benefit from this work?

Absolutely! If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely still invest in Linda's program. I really don't think I could have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time without Linda's support and accountability. 

Linda is really great at meeting her clients where they're at. When I started to work with Linda, I was still unsure if I could actually become a coach and really create my own business. She helped me understand that I am truly capable of making a difference in the lives of other young women.  

When I was feeling unmotivated or scared, Linda kept pushing me to go after my dream. That was truly instrumental in me being able to start my own business!

What advice would you give other entrepreneurs who dream of starting their own business and making a difference in the world?

Just go for it! You can't turn your dreams into your reality without action. You owe it to yourself and the people who would be served by you to give it a chance!

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