Her Story

What inspired you to create your business? 

Before I started the business, I spent over 14 years living in London, caught up in the rat race and feeling increasingly unhappy with my long commute and stressful lifestyle. I had bounced from career to career, trying to find something that I could devote myself to enthusiastically and passionately.

I longed for more freedom and fulfillment, but was well and truly stuck in a rut. Then in 2015 a series of health problems hit me, one after another, and I ended up having to undergo three operations in one year. It was a huge wake up call, and I finally realized that life is short, I was completely burned out and needed to make some radical changes.

Her Business:

What vision do you have for your work and it's impact in the world?

I hired a life coach who helped to rebuild my confidence, get clear on what I really wanted, and gave me the tools to achieve my goals. I finally realized that what I wanted to do was help people create a business and life that gives them a sense of fulfillment, freedom and happiness, and this led to three life changing decisions: 

  1. To train as a coach myself
  2. Start my own business
  3. To leave London and achieve a life long dream of living by the sea

By naming my business after my dream location (‘The Coastal Coach’), it reminds me every day of how powerful the coaching process can be. Now I get to work with amazing, purpose driven people like you every day, and help them discover what the careers they were meant for and achieve their goals in exactly the same way. 

Going for it !

What emotions did you experience starting your business and investing in your dreams?

When I decided to change careers and sign up for my life coach training course, it felt like a risk. I had already received some coaching myself, but I didn’t know if I had what it took to actually be one. Or if I would be brave enough to leave the corporate world and create my own coaching business. The course was also a big investment, and to be honest I had no idea if I would earn enough to pay it off. 

But I also knew that if I kept trying to think my way out of the problem, and not taking action, then I would still be in exactly the same place in a year’s time. Or even 5 years time. So I took a chance, pressed the ‘book now’ button, invested in myself, and didn’t look back.


What has your experience been like working with Linda?  What specific results and breakthroughs have you created?

When I found Linda, I was still in the first few months of my business and to be honest it was more of an expensive hobby than a full time career!

She helped me get past the fears and blocks that had been holding me back from taking it to the next level, and we got really strategic about how to achieve my goals, all of which I reached during our four months together.

I finally went full time in my business, chose a niche I’m passionate about, created a flagship coaching programme and tripled the size of my list!

What has also been great is that she has kept in touch ever since we finished working together, and gives me encouragement whenever she sees me stepping out of my comfort zone and accomplishing something new.

Working with Linda has an impact for weeks and months after you finish working her, so it is truly a long term investment in yourself and your business.

Would you recommend working with Linda to others?  If so - who do you think would benefit from this work?

When I came across Linda’s website and ready her story, it made me feel like it might actually be possible to make a success of my own coaching business.

She had experienced amazing success in her first few months of business, and yet she is a just normal girl like me from a normal background, who was absolutely determined to make her dreams a reality.

I felt that if Linda could do it, then so could I, and she has continued to be a huge inspiration to me.

What advice would you give other entrepreneurs who dream of starting their own business and making a difference in the world?

I’m telling you it is completely possible to wake up to a life you love every day, and all of Linda’s clients are living proof of that.

You don’t have to stay stuck in an office cubicle for the rest of your life, you just need the guts and the determination to finally say enough is enough, and start making a plan to transition into an entrepreneurial lifestyle. It does take work and courage, but it is completely 100% worth it.

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