Hey, I'm Linda Bello

and I'm known for helping my clients fall completely in love with their businesses so they can get out of their 9-5's and do it fast!

After working with dozens of clients and getting asked "How do I know when it's the right time to leave my job and go full time in my business?" a bit too much ;) I realized they didn't have a clue on where they stood financially (love you clients!)

I credit having a powerful FINANCIAL PLAN in place to the fast success of my business allowing my double my 9-5 income in two months, and leave my 9-5 within three!

When you're done with this training you'll have a SOLID financial plan in place that will help get CLEAR on what you want to create in life and exactly how to get there.

I bet you'll also find out getting the results you want in your biz is actually not as hard as it seems!

During this training you'll learn...

  • Exactly where your finances are coming and going.  Hint: the first step in getting out of your 9-5 is knowing how much money you need to make.
  • How to set BIG goals for the months to come... and actually reach them!
  • How to put a specific action plan in place... getting you out of your 9-5 in no time!
  • And a BONUS training to help you remove money blocks for good... which essentially means more money coming to you!

This Training is Valued at Over $197

But is yours today on this page only 

for $10 !

Here's whats included...

-20 Minute Video Training

A Video Training to guide you Step-by-Step to reaching your financial goals in your business.  Whether that means doubling your 9-5 income, hitting 5K or 10K months, this video has got you covered!

-Your Own Downloadable Goal Setting Worksheet

Implement what you've learned in your own spreadsheet to start planning how to bring in the big bucks FAST in your biz!

-14 Page Workbook

A proven step-by-step guide to get clear on the life you want to live and exactly how to get there!

-BONUS Workbook

Remove money blocks for good so money flows easily to you!  *This workbook helped me from charging $2K packages to a group program that sold out at $95K within just 6 months of starting my biz!