Carleigh Williams, Vegan Wellness Coach

Her Story:

What inspired you to create your business?  

I was working as a corporate wellness coordinator and the main component of my job was the act as a health & nutrition coach. I LOVED that part. I didn’t love spending 40 hours in an office, missing important family events, & struggling to pay off my debts. I also knew that I wanted to create a life where I was the boss; I could set my own schedule, spend as much time with my friends & family as I wanted, and be able to work from home when I have kids. I am so not built for an office, 40 hours a week, for the next 40 years. Since I loved the health & nutrition coaching, I figured I could do it on the side.

Her Business

What vision do you have for your work and it's impact in the world?

I went vegan right around the time when I decided to try to start my coaching business. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do vegan lifestyle, vegan health, or general health coaching.

Linda helped me clarify what I truly got excited about and really pushed me to own it.

I decided to launch my vegan wellness coaching business. I hope going forward to help break the stigma that vegans are all weak & you can’t be healthy while also being compassionate. I hope to help normalize eating less animals and working towards going fully vegan and not having it be a big deal. I want to inspire young women to take their health into their own hands and make this change now, reaping the benefits for the majority of their life

Going For It

What emotions did you experience starting your business and investing in your dreams?

Starting my business was a little overwhelming. I wasn’t the type of person that ever pictured herself as an “entrepreneur”. I mean I always thought I would be a physical therapist and maybe run my own clinic one day.

I loved the idea of being my own boss, but actually being an entrepreneur was foreign to me.

I had invested in a group coaching program as well as a self-paced business building program that were helpful, but didn’t give me the kick/accountability that I needed. I was definitely afraid of success. I was afraid of what it would mean for me.


What has your experience been like working with Linda?  What specific results and breakthroughs have you created?

Working with Linda has been the direction, guidance, & accountability I needed for success.

In the first 2 months of working with her I’ve grown my private Facebook group by over 500 people!

I also hosted my first full-blown live training, rebranded my business to fit myself a bit more, & booked my first client! I always felt a bit scatter-brained while trying to design and run my business before--distracting myself and getting in my own way. Linda helped me get out of my way and I found all of that success!


Would you recommend working with Linda to others?  If so - who do you think would benefit from this work?

I would absolutely recommend working with Linda to anyone who is finally ready to cut the shit and make success a reality.

Especially if you’re looking to find direction in what you’re doing. I was doing all sorts of work in my business, but nothing that was building my groups or getting me clients.

It was just kinda wasted effort and Linda helped me identify what areas I enjoyed, was good at, & would make a real difference in my business! If you are ready to get down to business & make your “working time” incredibly impactful, you need to work with Linda!

What advice would you give other entrepreneurs who dream of starting their own business and making a difference in the world?

If you think you are ready to start a business & make a difference, do it.

Don’t wait for permission or the perfect time.

Just go and start. Even if your first few videos are awkward. Even if your first email has some typos. Who cares. Get your energy out into the internet! Ditch the idea of being the perfect business. For awhile I thought I had to be professional & mature all the time, but I’m finding people want to work with me--not professional, put together Carleigh, but real,authentic, friend & coach Carleigh. Get out of your own way. I can promise you’re in it or will be at some point. Just move forward!

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