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Two weeks postpartum still feeling SUPER swollen and crying all the damn time

The day I got home from the hospital with my daughter was the day I googled “are kids even worth it?” and “why do people have kids?”

I just prepared 9 long months for this day, daydreaming about how amazing it would be to have a smiling baby in our home that was the perfect combination of me and Drew. 

But instead I was sobbing in Drew's arms telling him I wish it was just us two again. Wishing I was still pregnant, wishing I knew better.

It’s sounds so fucked up to say because I’m totally in love and obsessed with being Charli’s mom.  I think she’s the cutest thing in the world.  I love her poop sounds, her giggle, her smile, her love for her family (Dusty included), - I even think she’s cute when she cries.  

But I feel like I have to get this off my chest.  Because whenever I see a new Mom have her baby - I think to myself “I hope she’s doing okay - she needs to know it gets SO MUCH easier”

Now I actually think having a newborn is relatively easy.  They wake up - cry for food - you change them - they’re up for like 30 mins and then they go back to sleep and repeat.  

But emotionally your hormones are RAGING,

  • your body is fucked up

  • you think you can fit into your jeans pre-pregnancy but they’re like 6 sizes too big

  • you smell

  • you’re still swollen

  • you’re leaking EVERYWHERE. E V E R Y W H E R E!!

  • you just want your Mom

  • and you feel like if you take your eyes off your baby for JUST one second they will die

And to be honest - I didn’t feel that INTENSE love people talk about when they have a baby. 


Like yea - I loved her but I wasn’t obsessed (I’m totally obsessed with her now btw - she’s like the fucking best - look at her <--- ) 

All I thought about was how I lost my sense of freedom...

How if I needed to leave the house for a coffee I needed an extra 30 mins just to get her things together as well, that she’d have to be everywhere I was, that date nights would have to include her as well - and I cried about it - a lot.

To the point where Drew was worried about me and I was worried about me too.  And the best thing he told me during that time was “This feeling will pass”.  And yea he was right.  Looking back it was 100% hormones (picture PMS times 100).


Because NOW I’m finally back to my normal self, 


Me and girlfriend killing it

now I would NEVER google “are kids even worth it?”, 

now I fit into those skinny jeans and laugh at the jeans I once fit into, 

now I don’t only LOVE Charli but I’m obsessed with her (like have you ever seen my IG stories? Follow us HERE ), 

and now I really LOVE being a Mom (and Drew as a Dad)



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